Credit Insurance


All companies are exposed to losses arising from the insolvency or protracted default of their customers. On average, the "debtor balance" can represent about 40% of a company's total current assets. Non-payment or late payment of debts has a direct impact on the profit and loss account and balance sheet.

Credt Insurance will provide the survices for the purpose to support the sophisticated credit management system and encourage greater credit management discipline of companies. It will

manage credit risks by exchanging those risks for a badgeted premium
enable supplyers to be flexible in their sales programme by sharing risks with insurer
provide the information of customers' changing financial condition by the regular credit assesment
protect the account receivables of current assets by transfering credit risks to insurer
minimize a direct impact on the cash flow by the indemnification.

Through the services stated above, credit insurance will assist in a Supplyer's development of new market.

Our Services

provide the best programme suitable to your business
advise on the credit management to establish the sophisticated credit management system
indicate a direction to collect bat debts in cooperation with insurer.