Customer Sale and Solicitation Policies


We will be on the side of our customers and make efforts to satisfy them.

E We will provide the appropriate explanations and the reasonable financial products with our customers, based on the customer's knowledge and experience of financial products, the purpose for purchasing, the financial situation and other things required by the characteristics of the products.
E We will not disturb our customers in solicitating without considering time, place and sales methods.
E We will try to provide the appropriate explanations and the important matters of the financial products for our customers to understand the products well.

Customer services
E We will respond to our customers' inquiries quickly, adequately and sincerely.
E When insured events occur, we will respond to the claims quickly, adequately and sincerely in the procedure of indemnification.
E We will reflect our customers' opinions and requirements on our sales activities.

We will comply with all the applicable laws and regulations
@and make appropriate sales of non-life insurance products and other financial products.

E We will comply with the Insurance Business Law, the Law Regarding the Sale etc. of Financial Products, the Consumer Contract Law, the Securities and Exchange Law, and other relevant laws and @ regulations.
E We will improve the company organization and the quality of our sales representatives to maintain the appropriate operations.
E We will keep our customers' personal information in strict confidence for their privacy.

The policies stated above are our company's "Solicitation Policies" under "the Law Regarding the Sale etc. of Financial Products" ( Law No.101 of 2000).