Film Insurance


What is Film Insurance?

In making of cinema and TV show, there are many kinds of risks including
injuries, thefts, and other accidents. Risk management for these things
is strongly required. But "Accidents will happen."

"Film Insurance" will provide the coverage for your concern.

Film Insurance will provide for the risks in making cinema, video cinema,
TV show, commercial film and drama. The product includes:

*Staff-Cast insurance
*Facility insurance
*Casualty insurance
*Location insurance
*Film insurance
*Suspension insurance.

We will arrange these items based on your needs to make the made-to-
order product of Film Insurance.

Since our company was established in 1922, we have reserched the risks
in making cinema and film. We will keep on creating the new design of Film
Insurance to fulfill the needs of the film circle.

We are ready to provide our experties and the original program for all types
of risks.